We like to keep things simple.

Contact us and send us photos of the vehicle, specify make, model, year and mileage of your vehicle as well as a photo of the Licence disk and RC1 document.

Based on the estimated value of your car, we’ll make you an initial offer over the phone. If you choose to proceed, you’ll need to bring your vehicle to one of our branches for appraisal.

If all is in order, we’ll finalize the offer, conclude the agreement and transfer the funds into your account – same day.

With Collectors World, there’s no waiting, no complex paperwork and no need for proof of income or a clear credit rating. The process is fast, straightforward and completely discreet.




Should I put my car on Buy Back my car if I need funds?

Often a car is one of your most valuable assets. Using a car to raise much needed funds is a fast, convenient way to unlock its value – without having to sell it.

Using your car to raise much needed funds is an ideal option if you need funds quickly and know that you’ll be in a position to repay the total amount due over the agreed term.

What if my car is still under Finance? 

The answer, unfortunately, is no. If you want to use your car as collateral, there can’t be any debt outstanding on the vehicle.

Can I put my car on Buy Back and still drive it?

No, not through Collectors World. We store your vehicle securely for the duration of the Buy Back agreement.

We would encourage you to review the fine print on the ‘Pawn your car and drive it’ options, often they sound too good to be true … because they are.

What will happen to my car once I hand it over?

Your car is stored in a secure location it is not driven by anyone else.

Once you’ve repaid the full amount due your car is returned to you. It will be in the same condition as it was when you entrusted it to us.

How much can I borrow against a car?

At Collectors World, based on the value we estimated on the vehicle you can choose how much you need to see you through, you do not need to take the full amount on offer.

Is it safe to put  a car on Buy Back in South Africa?

Not all loan providers are reputable. It’s important to do some checking before you proceed with a Buy Back agreement on your car.


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