The antiques and collectibles category is one of the most popular on Unsurprisingly, most of our antique and collectible objects listed on the bid or buy site are sold in the auction format.

In the past, the antiques and collectibles world used to be a restricted affair, confined to regional or, at best, shops and markets. 

The Internet, and all the social media and selling platforms have changed that. It has opened a global market place, connecting overseas buyers and sellers. The items out buyers would normally spend months or even years tracking down are now available at any time, from a computer at their home. We have shipped to so many countries already, USA, England, Japan, Latvia, and so many more …

We pride ourselves on our knowledge on the items we sell:

•Present our items well. Good photographs and we include as much information in the description as well can.

•Include any defects the item may have.

•Answer any questions potential buyers may have promptly.

For out buyers here are a few tips:

•Read the description carefully.

•If you are still in doubt about the item, ask us questions.

•Always ask for a shipping quote if you are outside of South Africa.

Platforms we sell on:


Of course we have two stores in Cape Town, Parklands and Durbanville, if you would like to  see items personally please contact us to arrange.


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