Estee Lauder Solid Perfume Compact 2004 Lucky Ladybug

Estee Lauder Solid Perfume Compact 

2004 Lucky Ladybug

 Beyond Paradise

This beautiful red enamel ladybug has black spots, gold trim, and white rhinestone eyes. In great condition. Absolutely beautiful. Six white rhinestones are also set into the back of the ladybugs shell. The inside has the maker-marker ESTEE LAUDER engraved with the year 2004.
A great collector’s piece.

Each year for more than forty years Estee Lauder has introduced a collection of limited edition solid perfume compacts. They are all very unique, colorful and amazing in their variety of subjects. These compacts are beautifully designed and executed with incredible details and enhanced with beautiful enameling and many have hand set colorful Swarovski crystals. .These perfume containers are always a limited edition. These items are true works of art. They are highly collectible pieces of art work, and are produced one time a year and are never made again. This, along with the design, makes them most highly collectible around the world. Special editions are rare and highly sought after with the prices on these vintage items continuing to rise over time.

Many of these designs were created by famous designers such as Jay Strongwater, Bob Conte, and Sylvia Weinstock.

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